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April-May Recap

This is a list of the top ten items that were listed on sellingcommunity, this month. We selected items that got considerable amounts of likes and attention, and that are hard to find out of all the 850 items that were listed this month, from April to May. 

NO. 10

The first item is an amazing Fendi hoodie with iconic monogram details. This is a must-have, especially considering the comeback of monogram in current collections across multiple brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and so forth.

NO. 09

Number 09 is a Gucci Coco Capitán logo t-shirt. They are sold-out worldwide, and the combination of both the fonts and captions "common sense is not that common" and the iconic Gucci logo, make this an unforgettable piece.

NO. 08

The hyped Off-White "industrial belt" is always a sick piece to combine with street wear and to upscale an outfit. Therefore, the community loves it and got its place in the top ten this month.

NO. 07 

And Number 7 goes to the worldwide, soldout Supreme X Rimowa suitcase that was listed here right after the drop, earlier this month. This suitcase is very special, most people will keep it as a collector item and they will not use it.

NO. 06

This Rolex GMT Master II was recently sold here in the community. These iconic sport watches are always sought after, especially since stainless steel models from Rolex are getting harder and harder to come by for a reasonable price.

NO. 05

A best sellers in the community are the Givenchy logo t-shirts. Givenchy recently released this new colour-way for the summer season and it gives a new refreshed look to an old, and iconic classic.

NO. 04

Number 04 is a Goyard card holder, hand painted by the famous artist "Serviced.By.E" (Eric Ramirez). He has done work for the Kardashian’s, ASAP Rocky, Dan Bilzerian and many more.

NO. 03

These suede Chanel low-top sneakers are extremely hard to find, as they only were released in one collection from Chanel. There were multiple colours but the blue version is undebatable the most sought after.

NO. 02

This $5000 belt bag from the worldwide, sold-out Louis Vuitton X Supreme collaboration is definitely a high-light.

NO. 01

These Chanel sunglasses are a real grail. These famous shades worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, or Raf Simmons are very difficult to find. 

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