Eventough we try our best to check all items advertised here, we still reached out to our followers and members of the Community to help us with there knowledge and together we created a list of experts that can help you legit check your items. Please keep in mind some legit checks can take time, so be nice and possibly leave a tip if it was helpful.

gucci_moe_  -> gucci

, LV ($$)


rare_fashion_ -> givenchy

davidtok0 -> streetwear

rouwendalinho -> all

georgieboastie -> Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Off-White

mblxxy -> random

rouwendalinho -> passion for exposing fake 

radwenbaccouch -> Versace -> Moncler

francescoranchi -> rolex and other watches

matthias.___ -> Balenciaga Stone island

mxckz02 -> Louis vuitton, Off white, canada goose

arvidgargald -> moncler

olledekock -> CDG or Stone Island

ahad_the_1 -> givenchy gucci

aaronkatz1 -> bottega venetta

lino.ricciardi -> philipp plen

jason.lnguyen-> saint laurent 

nikolausbzuffer -> all

francisco_acuna09 -> yeezys

closerlookofficial  -> all ($$)

joepferinga -> yeezy, supreme, bogo

mollyfprice -> Balenciaga, Stone Island

kidoncocaine -> Supreme, Acne

xjdanex -> all brands except supreme

alex.vui -> Chanel, Stone Island, Off-White

best.legitchek -> all

ricardo.drg-> all except supreme

If you want to join this list leave a comment or contact us via DM / Whatsapp if you want to get removed from the list.

*only the verified Authenticators have been checked by us, the opinion of an Authenticator is not a guarantee that the item is real.



  • CzeKuyXfErG

  • jMptPwJd

  • I would like to become a legit checkers for yeezys

  • Hey mate I want to be on the list, I can authenticate Nike, Off-White, Gucci, LV, Moncler, Burberry, Versace, Stone Island, Dolce&Gabbana and Heron Preston

    Thomas Remolina
  • Like to be an authenticator for dsquared


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