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How to use Google Trends as a reseller

Today's article is about 'Google Trends'. It's something I have discovered recently and I wanted to share it with the community. It can be quite a handy thing if you are trying to get into reselling. It allows you to check how much people are using Google to search for a particular brand. 

Its easy to use. You just need to put in a name of a brand, and it will show you a diagram with all the information. There is also a list of countries showing you where the brand is the most popular. This can be useful if you want to know at what time it would be smart to post an item on Sellingcommunity. For example, if you see that an item is very popular in Asia but you are a seller in Europe, it makes sense to put an item very early in the morning or very late. 

Below you can find a screenshot 


If you also want to check it out for yourself, the link is: