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June has passed, so its finally time for a recap of our top 10 special items that were listed last month. Let's kick it off!

10. Vetements rain coat

The Vetements rain coat is one of the most outstanding items from Vetements, and will keep you dry from the rain, or as Migos would say "Rain drop drop top".

9. Supreme lighter

This Supreme lighter definitely stands out and will give your smoking session a whole different hype. "Come on baby light my fire". 

8. Saint Laurent jacket

This iconic palm tree Saint Laurent jacket has already been worn by many stars such as, Justin Bieber and many others. It's definitely one of the most popular Saint Laurent items and is still a good investment, because of the stable value.

7. Louis vuitton bag

This very rare Louis Vuitton X Chapman Brother bag is a very unique piece, and for sure stands out of your surroundings.

6. Balenciaga Sinners denim jacket

Have a killer look in this Balenciaga denim jacket and become a true sinner. Definetly one of the hot Balenciaga items from last season.

5. Givenchy slides

Summer has kicked off, therefore slides should be copped! Look fashionable at the pool side or beach. Givenchy did great this with these amazing slides.

4. Louis vuitton low top sneakers

It's hot outside, thats why low top sneakers are perfect! This pair is great to match with your summer outfit, with a nice pair of shorts. You will look fresh with them!

3. Burberry t-shirt

Ever since Riccardo Tisci (ex creative Director from Givenchy) became creative Director from Burberry, it seems like Burberry has been coming back very strong in streetwear fashion. As seen in this season and the last one, they have released some bangers!

2. Off White x Rimova

Virgil Abloh seems unstoppable. Recently he became head designer at Louis Vuitton which doesn't stop him from pushing his own brand, Off-White further. With bizarre collaborations like Off White x Rimova, he's really changing up the fashion world.

1. Gucci jacket

Gucci created a timeless piece with this jacket, this similar model has been worn by many stars such as Kanye West, as well as others. The way it's manufactured is phenomenal, and it's a really exclusive piece, not only because of its retail price, but also because it is very rare.




- Vetements:

- Supreme

- Saint Laurent

- Louis Vuitton bag

- Balenciaga

- Givenchy slides

- Burberry

- Off White x Rimova

- Gucci jacket

-Louis Vuitton shoes