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It was a busy month at sellingcommunity, with a lot of nice items being uploaded. Lets take a look at our selection. 





This Louis Vuitton X Chapman Brothers t-shirt is definitely a collector piece. In some way its also an art piece and its value increases over time.




This pair of Christian Louboutin is straight fire, and this combination is actually quite difficult to find. Therefore, it's definitely a good buy.




With this Versace jacket you can look really fashionable if worn right, the Versace baroque pattern is always a killer.




This Louis Vuitton X Supreme belt is an awesome accessory, not only to wear but also as a collection piece. The LV monogram mixed with the Supreme logo is a perfect match.




This Tommy Hilfiger X Vetements hoodie was rocked by celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, and it's a sick piece! It's also one of the main items from the Vetements X Tommy Hilfiger collaboration. 




In Kim Jones' (Louis Vuitton head designer) last collection for Louis Vuitton, he emphasised Peace and Love and created the LV peace logo. This piece has a deeper meaning compared to other items.




Our fourth choice is this Givenchy t-shirt with 3 mixed logos. It's rare to find and is also quite fashionable. Riccardo Tisci really killed this piece.




This Louis Vuitton backpack is made out of titanium, and has crazy LV monogram details on it. It's one of the most wanted backpacks on the market right now. 




The Supreme Kayak is one of the craziest Supreme pieces and is really handy if you like water sports or if you simply plan to go out with friends to paddle.




This impressive Louis Vuitton denim monogram jacket made it to first place on our list. It has been worn by many stars such as the rapper Lil Pump and is the most desired item from the last Kim Jones collection. It's really eye catching!