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Selling Community X Benkograph

Today we are going to showcase an upcoming artist known by the name "Benkograph" from Zurich Switzerland. His art revolves around Designer brands and is known by an unusual pop-art influence. We selected some of his most popular works for you. Share your opinion with the community in the comment section.

Let's let his work do the speaking:

"Strawwwwwberries are delicious" - Benkograph

Gucci Strawberries Art by Benkograph

"baby shark, doo, doo..." - Benkograph

Louis Vuitton Girl Art By Benkograph

"Chanel Extinguisher" - Benkograph

Chanel Extinguisher by Benkograph Art

"Catwoman Guilty" - Benkograph

Gucci Catwoman by Benkograph Art

"Muhammed Mickey Ali" - Benkograph

Muhammed Ali

"Kate Moss AKA 'The Tank' feat Batman LV" - Benkograph

Kate Moss Louis Vuitton

"Woody" Painting found in Gallery - Benkograph

Woody Painting found in Art Gallery - Benkograph

"Packaging" - Benkograph

Louis Vuitton Packaging

"PRADA SORAYAMA" - Benkograph

prada sorayama - benkograph

"Megan wears Gucci" - Benkograph

Megan wears Gucci - Benkograph

"who'll save the world???" - Benkograph

Bagsbunny Benkograph

"plain/kate moss SL" - Benkograph

Kate Moss Saint Laurent - Benkograph Art

"life is gucci. life is sad." - Benkograph

life is gucci. life is sad. - Benkograph


Follow @Benkograph on Instagram to see more of his amazing artworks

@Benkograph on Instagram