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A guide to make successful sales in the community

On Selling Community, the buying and selling of items between fashion enthusiasts, is happening 24/7. But how can you make sure that your item gets sold for the right price, and as fast as possible? These are some very easy tips that you can use, to increase the chances of having a successful sale:

Make sure to use photos that have good lighting, and good picture quality, to give the buyer the perfect image of the item you are selling. You want your item to stand out from the rest, so that it attracts attention. Both of these factors can have an effect on the chances of you getting your item sold. Furthermore, when taking pictures, make sure to add some tagged ones. If this is unclear, tagged pictures are photos with your item, and an additional piece of paper with your Instagram handle, and the date. Tagged pictures will make you look more trustworthy to buyers, as they then know that you have the item in your possession, and that you aren't stealing someone else's pictures, to use them to your own advantage. If these steps are not taken into consideration, you could be in an uncomfortable situation, with an unhappy buyer. 

It is important to have a clear description with, the size of the item you are selling, your asking price, the condition of your item, and your location (because of the additional shipping costs). You don’t want to get loads of DM’s from buyers who aren't going to buy your item at the end of the day, because of unclear information. 

Buyers are not only interested in the item that they are buying, but the vendor as well. Being polite and transparent to someone that is interested in your item, is essential. Additionally, being friendly and responsive is equally important.

      Good luck with the selling and buying of items, on the community.
      If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!