When the deal is all set and done, you need to pay with paypal goods and services through our integrated payment system. This will give you a buyer protection, and in case the item is not as described/counterfeit, or it doesn't arrive, paypal may fully refund you. Therefore make sure that you have added the right shipping address on your paypal. Most sellers in our community are open for price discussions, so it's always worth contacting them with an offer.
As per Paypal's Purchase Protection you can return an item if it was described inaccurately by the seller. For example you bought an item described as “new,” but received something that was used. Also if you receive a counterfeit item you are elligble for a full refund. You can find more information on this here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security
Make sure to use paypal goods and service and that you have added the right address paypal to your Paypal account.
We offer "want to buy" posts on our instagram page @sellingcommunity with over 100k followers, this allows members of the community to see that you are looking for a specific item and let them contact you via DM if you are selling it. Of course you can also use the search tool on our website or mobile app to browse through already uploaded items.
SellingCommunity started as a community on Instagram where members could shared there items to thousands of followers. This tradition remained until today and items are still selling out within 1-3 days on our storefront on Instagram. Make sure to not miss out on an amazing deal and go check it out!