How can I purchase an item?

- When the deal is all set and done, you need to pay with paypal goods and service. This will give you a buyer protection, and in case the item is not as described/counterfeit, or it doesn't arrive, paypal may fully refund you. Therefore make sure that you have added the right shipping address on your paypal. Most sellers in our community are open for price discussion, so it's always worth contacting them with an offer.

How can I list an item?

To list an item you have to contact us via DM on instagram, whatsapp: +9710504128570 or email: support@sellingcommunity.com. We will review the item and legit check it before uploading. We charge a service fee of 6€ per item, and as soon as we have received it via paypal. We will upload the item on our website (which includes a complimentary post on our Instagram page).

This year we added another useful way to sell items, you can now also list items on our mobile app available in the apple app store and google play store.

How can I pay for an item?

Only use paypal goods and service, you will receive a buyer protection and in case the item is not as described, doesnt arrive or is counterfeit, paypal may fully refund you.

How do I make sure that I receive the item?

- Make sure to use paypal goods and service and that you have added the right paypal address.

What happens if I receive a different/not as described item?

- In this case paypal will take a look at your case, and decide to refund you if you provide enough information.

What happens if I receive a counterfeit item?

-In this case paypal will take a look at your case, and decide to refund you if you provide enough information.

How can I search for an specific item?

On Selling Community we offer "want to buy", so community members will see that you are looking for this item and contact you via DM if they are selling it. Of course you can also use the search tool on our website to get through previously listed items.


What to do if I have more questions?

- Selling community support is ready to answer all of your questions and to assist you with your transactions (buyer or seller). We are reachable 7/7. Feel free to contact us via the Form below.


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