After being accepted and verified as a member of the community. You can sell any item in 3 easy steps. Just open your app, click on sell and upload your item.
All sellers have to go through a strict vetting process before they can start to sell. Unfortunately there is no guarantee you can get accepted into our seller membership program and are able to start selling your items here. It helps to include references from existing members in the process. Also for members who have a selling record in our Instagram community the process usually goes through. These strict checks are necessary as we want to protect the community from scammers and wrongdoers.

After being accepted and verified as a member of the community. You need to follow a set of rules to avoid loosing your selling membership again. The rules are explained on our app:  

Rules on the Selling Community App

After you have successfully sold your item, you will get an email from Paypal explaining how to ship out the item. Make sure to double check on the Paypal website that the money has arrived in your account. Only ship out the item to the address provided by Paypal. Dispatch it as a registered parcel with tracking number, we recommend the shipping company DHL or local alternatives.

We recommend to add the shipping price when uploading your item. You can add the shipping price on the upload page. For fees on overseas shipments, you need to contact the buyer in the chat section you have received the item.

Choose Shipping Price On the Selling Community App